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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This is an update on Asset 1 and the Werewolf animation.

I restarted asset one again earlier this afternoon (8/17/10) and using some earlier notes from prior critiques and some notes from even earlier this afternoon. I scrapped things that weren't working no matter what I did, for instance: the cannon launch. I toned down a lot of actions and brought a few things back that were exaggerated too far and were not reading.
I think that this one is working a lot better. I feel that I have a better chance in the scene working and having a lot more character now that I have a bit more direction.
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Now as for my side projects. The game project will be on hold for a quick minute until I can find some time to dedicate the quality that I have in mind for it. Right now my main focus is on completing asset one and completing it the quality level that I am expecting ( which to be honest is well beyond the reach of my experience and skill set). I have the rest of this week to complete any and all remaining poses (plus things that can't be fixed in curves). And next week for tweaks.
And as far as the 2D work goes, I have decided to make that the focus of next month and the month after. The 2D and the actual reel assets will be my only focus.
Moving on than, the Werewolf project is at a priority since it for someone's reel. And I have revised the thumbnails that hopefully will work with the model proportions. And I will begin posing it out before the weekend. Here are the thumbnails for the animation.

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