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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Asset 1 Update Working for Final check out the new playblast on my Channel

I am now working for final with this last redo of asset one. I did a lot of scrapping and trashing of animation, as well as many start overs. But, this is the one that is working and therefore the one to be finished. I was very nervous about going into my scheduled critique today with Sean Springer and Barry Temple. Considering how many times I have started over and how many problems I was having with my original story. But, to my surprise they told me that they loved it and that it was great. Barry told me that I had reached another level because rather than focusing on the action and a bunch "video game animation" (which would be the cannon launch and kicking) that I was more concerned with their emotions and their character. Sean went on to say soon after that he was glad to see me more focused and putting in more of the time to thinking about the acting and the interaction between the characters. As well as who they were and how they interact with one another ( my heart about stopped when he mentioned " can tell that in the future your going to be really great at that [referring to the acting through characters]). Hearing all of this from the two of them was nothing short of amazing.

I was prepared to be eaten alive and reassured that all the impossible heights I had set to achieve were just that; impossible. But, they had a lot of positive things to say. Some plusing notes to push some acting when I break it down later. But, that was it. I don't want the tone taken from this to be that of teasing. But, the celebration of someone on death-row who was just given another chance.

Who knows? I might just make it. I might just be able to pull it all off. I might actually be an animator. Now wouldn't that be something? If I actually was an animator? Am I an animator?

"Always Keep your Head in the Clouds"rtq

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