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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Side Project Update

Okay, so Yesterday was an even busier day than the last post would infer it to be. I actually also spent a lot of time working on the side projects mentioned before.
I had a few problems with the Werewolf project. There are some poses that are too extreme for the actual proportions of the model to achieve. Despite how good the rig is. So do to this set back I am going to have to rough out a new set of thumbnails to hit just the poses of his proof board. So the animation has gone from being 8 seconds to an estimated 4 seconds. Where I will just be doing the best animation I can within the poses that he had in mind. Short and sweet.
Hopefully the quality of the animation will make up for the lack of quantity.
I also spent quite a bit of time working on the Game Project for Team Barracuda. The game development students I mentioned earlier. I was working on some extremely rough concepts for the characters that they wanted. Nothing to brilliant or artistic. Since all the animation is top down view. I just wanted to draw them in three quarters to get a better idea what they would look like from above. And than started working on some roughs for a walk cycle for one of the characters. FYI the game is zombie themed.
Here is a link to their facebook for the game

On the next Side Project update I will be sure to include some images and/or links to some animatics.

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