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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Update on Side project work

As I mentioned previously I am working on many side projects as well as my assets for demoreel. So this is an update on that work.

This first image is a frame taken from the rough 2D animatic I did to work out the timing and the poses an animation. The animation is for a rigging classmate/friend of mine Derek McAtavey who rigged a werewolf model. He has asked me to do some animation with it for his reel which ultimately is to prove the production value of the rig. You can see the animatic on youTube

This next image is a frame from another rough animatic that I am working on for Kallel Samonte classmate/friend of mine who is studying compositing. He asked me to help him out visualizing his shot. So, I did some layout and concept sketches. Than he decided on the version and pieces of what versions did best to capture his vision for his comp shot. And I layered it and pieced it together in Photoshop. Than took the layers and roughed out a rough camera move and a sample of the parallax by animating the layers. As far as my participation on his project is concerned; aside from the previously mentioned. I am doing some storyboarding and the animation of a griffin that will be leading the camera through his shot. You can see the rough animatic on youtube.

This last image is the final design for my logo. I would like to take the time to thank Matt Smith. A very talented and insightful graphic designer and Associate Course Director of the Animation Pre-Production course at Full Sail University. For his help in helping me understand more sophisticated principles of graphic design. And how to develop branding package that reads well.
Thanks Matt.

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