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Thursday, January 27, 2011

CG Talk Sketch of the Day DSF

Now that I have a different schedule I am going to try and incorporate the DSF into my daily life. This is the first one. The topic for today was Snow Storm and the time was 60 min Done in PS.

"Always Keep your Head in the Clouds"rtq

Monday, January 24, 2011

Revised Final Reel

I had a critique on some presentation points so I have re-cut the reel. It is a bit of a different edit with a few new little dressings on it and a couple of tweaks. So it is worth it. And I have re-posted it on the site and on youtube as well as vimeo and removed the other one.

"Always Keep your Head in the Clouds"rtq

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finally finished my Demo Reel

Well that time has finally arrived. I have finished my Demo Reel and I will be graduating February 4th 2011. As excited as I may be about these two events I am even more excited about the following. I have been given the honor by my Course Directors to be a guest speaker at the Orientation for new students starting their Full Sail career next week. My demo reel will be shown and I will be giving a speech. And if that is not enough. After I graduate I will be interning with Kathy Blackmore in the 2D animation department. I am really happy that all of my work is coming together. But, even more pleased with the fact that I am believe I am getting better as an animator and producing work that is entertaining.

Demo Reel

"Always Keep your Head in the Clouds"rtq