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Saturday, August 14, 2010


My name is Robert Quintana and I am an Animation Workaholic. Whoops, wrong introduction.

Moving on; I am studying to become a Character Animator at Full Sail University. I am currently in the finals department and working on the 3 required assets for my Demo reel. In addition I am also working on several other side projects. That I am sure will help in my experience and understanding.
The three required assets are: Action with a purpose, Dialogue, and an Interaction.
My action with a purpose, will be two little robots interacting.
Dialogue is a sound bite from Good Burger of two characters interacting
The Interaction will be three characters interacting.
So, I have taken on quite a bit, considering that is about three extra characters total being animated in comparison to the standard character animation reel at Full Sail. I am hoping that taking on this challenge will be something that will help me not hurt me.

As far as side projects go;
I am doing a 2D animated sequence to introduce my demo reel, and doing 2D animated lip sync to close my demo reel. Outside of material to go on the reel; animation of a wereworlf for a rigging friend of mine, some concept work and animation work for a compositing friend of mine, as well as some 2D animation and art direction for work on a student video game project for game development students.

Wow, a bit exhausted just thinking of all the work that I have to do. I really hope that I can get it all done. Especially considering how I only have 4 months left to accomplish it all.

On this blog I will be posting all of the updates on this work.

Oh and by the way all of the 3D animation assets for the demo reel have been cel shaded already so they ready to render when the animation is done. The shading and lighting (cel shading) was also done by me. I really hope that this works out, I would love to meet these challenges.

"Always Keep your Head in the Clouds"rtq

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