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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pre-Production for 2D Scene Continued

Been working on some pre-production for some other projects I am excited to do on the side. But, more importantly. I am pretty much finished with the Pre-Production for the 2D scene. And I am going to get started with the first pass within the next couple of days. Designing the character for this scene has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience. It was really interesting to get to a point with my pre-production and feel that I was ready to start. But, once I started roughing the first pass I realized I needed a bit more. Which is great because I learned what was missing and what was needed and how to deliver it. And I had a pretty solid turn around, especially when it comes to the time it took. Well here is the work and I will have a pencil test soon, and some other stuff even sooner.

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New Bear

I did a ton of Pre-Production today for the new 2D scene. I thought that I was ready to just start doing some thumbnails and than rough out and test a first pass. I was so wrong, but I am happy about it. I was able to catch myself, and later on reading an email from Sam I was seriously able to sit down and rough out what I really needed to get a hold of. So I will probably revise my thumbnails, but the boards can stay.
Anyways, I will post that later. Right now. Here is a new bear illustration I did, experimenting with watercolor. Thor was a big help in sharing some tips and tool lessons.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pre-Production for my new 2D Scene

The theme of this internship has been mostly experimentation and learning through trying things out and receiving critiques on why certain things don't work or how to do things better etc... A lot of fun and a lot of learning. But, I have been treating each scene as just a learning experience and more of an exercise. So I have taken it upon myself to really go head first without fear and try to make this scene an actual solid piece of 2D animation. And it will also be my first 2D animation to any type of audio. I can't really call it a lip sync (spoiler alert-my next 2D scene will be) it is too more of a sound effect really.

To illustrate how serious I am about this scene I have done some illustrations (insert pun here). The studies I posted earlier were just the first part of this whole mess. As apart of gathering reference and studying it to have a better idea.

So these sketches are character design really. Trying to find an appealing design that works for animation. I am favoring a few of them, so as apart of some wisdom beaten into me by Kathy Blackmore (literally beaten). I am just going to make the decisions about the characters, and dive into the scene with some rough boards and thumbnails.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Peview of things to come

I have been really stoked for the past couple of days. I have doing a lot, which means I have been experimenting a bunch and learning quite a bit. So, I want to post a teaser of something that I have seriously in the works right now, and something I am so excited about that I find myself fighting to not just sit down at it and not move from it. But, I have other projects to juggle so it will take a bit of time to complete. I hope it turns out well? If anything I know I am going to have fun with it, and most importantly I will learn so much doing it. Anyways moving on. Here are some samples that might give away what I will be working on. These are all in frame (first time I have gone the purest route with my photography in a while). Only taken into Photoshop to add a watermark and down res a bit. Hope you enjoy, I did.

If you knew me you would know that I love to research and practice before I dive into something. But, lately I have been diving right into projects and going with the flow and experimenting. A lot of fun to learn and fail, and keep learning.

"Always Keep your Head in the Clouds"rtq