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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New assets Rough Boards

These are the ROUGH boards for my new upcoming character animation demo reel. Give you an idea of what kind of assets my reel is going to have.

The Wolfman rig is going to be courtesy of my buddy TD Derek

And I might get some help for cloth sims and maybe some VFX, character lighting, and textures from my buddy Patton

I am going to try and create a Multiplane camera look. So most if not all of the set dressings will actually just be illustrations courtesy yours truly. Layered in space. And I am most likely going to go with the cel shading look like that of my last reel.

Hope you dig it? I will be posting the final boards next week, and than the Animatic to quickly follow.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Public Service Announcement

A few concept sketches and storyboards from my personal 2D animation/motion graphics project. Themed after a retro future Public Service Announcement.

Concepts of "trooper"

Environment concepts

Some illustrations

Illustrations on the iPad

Still working on these

Rabbit my tv head friend

A Mary Blaire esq illustration.

Some sketches from my sketchbook

Some stickers

Character design "b0t"

This is a character design that I did to be modeled, rigged, shaded and lit. By some old classmates of mine.

I think he is pretty cool and I am super excited to animate him. Hope you dig him, I will share him online as soon as he is good to go. That way everybody can animate him and use him for cool stuff.

Typography and Logos

A spaceship logo I did for a retro future project I am working on right now.
("trpr" creativity of tomorrow, )

graff sketches I did for the retro future project

Typography design I did as work for the new rebranding. Actually did these completely on the iPad.

Some graff sketches I did messing with the new direction

Just some goofy stuff, hope you dig it