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Friday, August 20, 2010

Asset 1 Update Last Passes

Alright, so this here is asset one ready for final passes. At this point I think that the animation is about done (as far as poses go). At this point the major things to do is make sure that the slower walks for the little spiderbot are reading properly. From there I will be adding the plusing type material to the spiderbot like eye darts, blinks, and cannon overlap.
After those major things are hit, pushed, and polished. It will be going into animation layers and seeing if there is any texture that can be added. I will do this on animation layers so that I can turn down the mix on any little extra polish type material that might be over the top or distracting.
And than the part of animation I hate the most, curve cleaning. But, thanks to Eric Luhta and his book I am confident that I will have that under control. The animation is due next Friday 8/27/10 (my 21st birthday actually). So I have until than to get this thing polished and shipped so to speak. I think I can make it.

Here is the link to the video

"Always Keep your Head in the Clouds"rtq

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