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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moving On

Well, the last scene that I was working through has been killed (by me). The method of straight ahead is a tempting mistress, and she got to me. Without me even knowing it. I think that some parts of the scene were working out pretty well. But, when I was checking the frames I noticed that the volumes had changed, not the proportions so much (which I was happy about). Never the less though the character had increased in size by almost four times. So I decided to can it and move on. I did have a lot of fun working with my jellyfish character. Which I will continue to use.

I am going to just start jumping right into lip syncs, well ease into it a bit. This first scene will be more to a sound effect. And I am going to be redesigning or rethinking the jellyfish character a bit. What you see below are my studies of the reference I am pulling from. From here I am going to work on the character sketches, model sheets, thumbnails, boards, and for fun (but really for practice, I might do a conceptual previz painting).

Oh and I have another project slowly in the works. I will try to post a few things from that, or related. Try to stay up to date with all of this.

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